Show hut presented

A show hive is used for teaching and does not contain live bees or a bee colony. The Bienenkorb Ruhr e.V. has now developed its own show hive. The project came about at very short notice in October and was funded by the German Foundation for Engagement and Volunteering (DSEE).

In the video, club chairmen Sascha Bednarz and Dirk Schmidt explain the elements of the show hut. The photographically reproduced in the frames bee colony can be modified. In a separate video, the possibilities are presented.

Show hive of the Bienenkorb Ruhr e.V. briefly presented.

Deployment scenarios

The show hive can be familiarized with first – without the use of live bees, a smoker and protective equipment. The parts of the hive are all labeled, so that in handling quickly learn the beekeeper language with specific designations.

In addition, some exercises can be done on the bee colony. Thus, the size of the bee colony can be determined using known estimation methods. You can also search for the queen bee. A frame with a marked queen and an unmarked queen can be used.
An exemplary determination of the infestation with Varroa mites can also be made.
All frames are available to demonstrate or practice the setup for honey collection, colony propagation, etc.

The loot can be borrowed from the club.

Thanks go to the German Foundation for Commitment and Volunteering. It has not only made it possible financially to put together the show hive, but has also made it possible to engage – in a corona-compliant way – in the last few months. Despite Corona, the Bienenkorb Ruhr e.V. can operate in this way.
Thanks to our hostess in Wachtendonk, where we could work in the garden and where we also took the pictures. Thanks to the Bochumer Bildungszentrum e.V., which gave us the use of a classroom for the work – also “between the years”.

Alternative link to the video on YouTube: